What Can I use my NDIS funds for?

The funding in budget category 1, 2, 3 and 4 is referred to as the “core” budget.

The allocated funds within the core budget can be moved around and used flexibly as needed.

Budget NumberBudget NameFunding used for
1Assistance with Daily Life (Core)Supports within the home – e.g. gardener, cleaner, support worker to assist with personal care
2Transport (Core)The costs associated with travel that aids to meet your NDIS goals – taxi, public transport, fuel to cover cost of travel to appointments
3Consumables (Core)Low cost products that aid to meet your NDIS goals – e.g. incontinence products, PEG, shower chair
4Assistance with Social and Community Participation (Core)Supports in the community – e.g. a support worker accompanying you out into the community, for example a cafe, club or cinema
5Assistive TechnologyHigh cost products that aid to meet your NDIS goals – e.g. a wheelchair, prosthetics, car modifications
6Home ModificationsHigh cost changes to your home that accomodate to specific needs, increase independence and safety around the home to therefore meet your NDIS goals
7Support CoordinationSupports to assist you understand your NDIS plan, link you with service providers and support you through the plan review
8Improved Living ArrangementsSupports to find suitable accommodation to live more independently
9Increased Social and Community ParticipationSupports that help you build skills within the community or learn a new skill – e.g. Tuition fees, Art classes, Equine therapy
10Finding and Keeping a JobSupports that help you find a job or to gain assistance within your work
11Improved RelationshipsProfessionals that assist with social skills or behaviour -e.g. Psychologist, Behavioural Therapy
12Improved Health and WellbeingProfessionals that assist you with your health -e.g. Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer, Dietician
13Improved LearningSupports that help you to transition from school to further education
14Improved Life ChoicesPlan Management to manage your NDIS funds
15Improved Daily LivingAllied Health Professionals and the use of their services – e.g. Physiologist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Pathologist

Note: in your NDIS Plan, your funds may be set out a little differently – for example, you may be funded for a specific stated line item (line items refer to the different supports available within a budget category) – for example, in your NDIS Plan, you may see: 07_002_0106_8_3 (this is a line item).

To understand what this means for you, you can focus on the first two digits in the line item – in this instance, the first two digits are 07 – so, now you can refer to the table above and consider which specific support category the line item refers to – the line item in this example starts with 07 refers to budget category: Support Coordination.